Per Cullhed, the head of the conservation department in Uppsala came up with this sewing frame, and I love it.  He developed it, I believe, after doing some sewing demonstrations.  It was too much hassle to pack up a sewing frame and all that he needed with it and so he invented a sewing frame in a briefcase.

It's brilliant!

It's my favorite sewing frame, after seeing many attempts to make more modern versions of them.  What I like is how well it stows away when I'm not using it.  Sewing frames aren’t used all that often and when in storage they take up a lot of space, which most people don’t have.

Also, being in the dusty desert I appreciate that it stays clean when it’s not being used.  I have a few sewing frames and before using them I first have to spend time during them off.  Not this one!

It's also very easy to set up, adjust the tension and orientation of the cords.  Everything on this is so well throught out and executed.  It is the best modern interpretation of a sewing frame I have seen.

Here are a few pictures.