How to properly pack a book

These pictures should help show you how to properly pack a book for shipping, whether across town or across the world.

Begin by wrapping the book in craft paper, unprinted news print or some other paper.

Find a sturdy box that is at least an inch outside each dimension of the book.  Fill that space with bubble wrap.  I avoid packing peanuts.  The bubble wrap needs to be under the book as well, and should leave the book snug in the materials.

Include an envelope with all your contact information (name, address, telephone, email, and any other instructions).  Any loose pieces of the book need to be placed in another envelope which is labeled as having parts of the book.  Finally include my shipping address in case the outside label gets damaged.

Fill the rest of the box with bubble wrap.  The packing should leave the lid a little difficult to close so that everything will be snug in the box.  It should not be so tight that it squishes the book!

Using a good tape then seal up the box and put the label on.  I cover the label with tape to keep it from abrading away during shipping.  Again, include my address inside in case of damage to the box.

This is what happens when a box isn’t filled sufficiently with packing materials. The box gets crushed which increases the possibility of damage to your item inside.