All-Ligator sewing frame    The most popular sewing frame in my classes at NBSS, and my favorite frame of all the ones I have seen or used.

P & S Engraving     Finishing tools made by hand.  Gladly does custom designs and orders.  They are probably the closest thing to catnip for binders.  Pictures of their shop can be found by clicking here.

Starrett Tools    Maybe the best tool manufacturer in the world.  Amazing rulers, dividers, pin vises, etc.


Art Essentials of New York  Gold leaf, palladium, etc..

Chena River Marblers  Papers, marbled cloth and also great instructors.

Colophon Book Arts Supply    Sewing thread, cords, tapes.  Their main emphasis is marbling supplies but they have a lot of binding supplies including PVA. 

Cover Materials Sales    Book cloths and other cover materials.  They have a wide selection of filled and paper backed cloths.  They have very low minimums — I think they’ll sell you a yard if that’s all you want.

Ecological Fibers   Book cloths, with relative large minimum orders but really good prices.  Also has binder’s board.

Ernest Schaeffer  Stamping foils, including genuine gold.  I’ve found the K-8 foil is the most all around gold foil they have.  They also sell binder’s board, PVA and other supplies at very good prices.

Gaylord    General supplies including binder’s board, and thinner stock as well.  They have a lot of stuff.  They regularly have sales which sometimes include free shipping.

General Roll Leaf  Stamping foils in almost every color.  Very easy to deal with, with a sample card to help you decide.

Harmatan    Calf and goat skins.  Photos of their shop are here.  They sell a lot directly to binders and conservators in the States as well.

Hewit    Calf and goat skins.   They are the source of the leather dyes I used to make my “moriki” as shown in this video.  Also gold tooling glaire and all kinds of other supplies, tools and sundries.  They gladly will sell direct to customers in the States which can be a deal.  Shipping costs scare some folks from doing this but remember that Talas has very high shipping as well so it’s probably a better deal than you might originally think. 

Harmatan    Calf and goat skins.  Photos of their shop are here.  They sell a lot directly to binders and conservators in the States as well.

Hiromi Japanese Paper  Japanese papers of all types along with various other items.  I buy my paste from them which they call Jin Shofu.  See also the Japanese Paper Place in Toronto.

Hollander’s  They have a nice range of supplies and tools, including cloth, leather and papers.

Kelly Paper  The main paper I use in my classes is Mohawk Superfine, Eggshell finish, soft white, 80# text.  I get that paper, plus wastepaper, boxes, etc. here.

Leather Conservation Centre    Sellaset leather dyes, which weren’t being shipped to the States any more.  Last I heard.

Sepp Leaf    Gold, palladium, silver.

Talas  Everything.   Their selection and inventory has eliminated the need to carry much stock, which is extremely beneficial to those with limited space or money.  High shipping costs, though, and it’s not easy to return items.