Onset boards binding

The onset boards binding is the opposite of a case binding.  The boards are put onto to the text block before the covering materials are applied.  This gives complete control over the squares but also allows for complete freedom in how, and what shape, the cover made.

The text block will be rounded and backed, endbands applied, cover boards attached, and then we’ll put cloth and decorated paper onto the book.

This is an important binding to know. It solves many of the problems people have with case bindings and allows for a level of creativity that can only be done with the onset structure.

It is the basis of the millimeter binding and the simplified binding, but is also an excellent foundation for repairs, artists books, fine bindings and many other aspects of bookbinding.

There are many variants of this structure. We’ll discuss as many of them as possible.

No experience required!

All tools are provided.  

This is a two day class and will meet from 9 - 5 on two Saturdays.

The cost is $225, which includes all materials.

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