Book Repair Class

In this class we’ll discuss book repair techniques including rebacks, paper repair, corner repair and pretty much anything we have time for and you’d like to learn.  We will repair two books using four different repair methods - on repair method on the front and a second style of repair on the back.

On a cloth binding we will see how to do a repair with loose sections and when the textblock is intact.

On a leather binding we will do a japanese paper repair and then will split the board in order to insert a cloth which makes an incredibly strong repair.

Ideally you should have taken our cloth course, or have similar experience (familiarity with rounding and backing and case bindings will allow you to get more out of this course).  However, folks have taken this without that background and have learned alot, enjoyed themselves and have done nice repairs.

The cost is $550, which includes all materials.

Students will need to provide a lifting knife, all other tools provided.

To sign up for this class email me at and let me know which session you are going to attend.

Class deposit can be made on this page.