Here are some articles along with some radio and television programs I participated in.  This is not comprehensive, just ones I thought were interesting and could find on line, or had copies.



Arizona Daily Star

Local Craftsman Seemed Bound to Restore Books


Oro Valley Explorer

One for the books


New York Times

ARTS IN AMERICA; Hard Covers, Hard Work: Building Careers by the Book


Christian Science Monitor

Able to Fix Old Books in a Single Bound

Learning to Take a Stitch in Time to Save Old Books


Seattle Times

Books In A Bind? He Aids In Their Re-Covery

Old Books Get New Life At UW





Radio interviews



How To: The Book Arts

I did this interview with a couple of friends, Kate Leonard and Claudia Cohen, for the Weekday program with Steve Scher. It was really fun to do, and has a lot of good information.  (40 minutes):


KUOW Weekday show: click here to listen



Only A Game

Saturday, January 05, 2008

This was my last day at the school, and is a wonderful story (eleven minutes):


Only a Game show: click here to listen



Todd Mundt Show

I’m not sure when I did this, but it was several years ago - before I figured out radio. This NPR show is no longer on the air, which is a bit sad because it was an excellent show about ideas rather than folks shilling their next movie or book. There is no on line archive so the show can be heard here (20 minutes):


Todd Mundt Show: click here to listen




Television stories


Seattle television news

This story was done in 1995. It has the famous Shazam incident. Going to work that day I knew if I used the word “shazam” during the interview they would use it. I did, and they did. Television journalism at its best. Kate Leonard did a great job here.


Watch Mendery television story by clicking here




This is a video the school made around 2001. They did a couple more after this one, but somehow I thought this captures the school better than the more recent ones did. It is about 20 minutes long and covers all the programs, but this is just the intro and the bookbinding part. Who cares about the rest of the place anyway?


Watch this NBSS video by clicking here



Newer NBSS video

This was a nice idea: make short segments on all the programs so that they could be put on the web. And they did a very nice job, and the students had great comments.


Watch the BB segment by clicking here



National program

This show did a series of segments on the school. A buddy of mine knew the host and told me what to expect. So, as I’m in the middle of the filming, all I keep thinking is, “yeah, he said that was going to happen.” As if I wasn’t confused enough! It’s great to see the students in this segment.


Watch the BB segment by clicking here

University of Arizona video

I was asked to make a book as part of the First Folio exhibit at the University. They wanted to film part of the process and sent someone out. It then went on their website. The result is beautifully done.  Really beautifully done.

Watch the Arizona binding project by clicking here.

Tucson PBS

Here is a video that was made as the same time as the one just above, also for the First Folio exhibit.  This one aired on the Tucson PBS station, which unfortunately we don’t get.  The joys of living in the sticks.  It has more on student productions of Shakespeare than the binding of the book.  It’s an interesting piece.

Watch the Tucson PBS video by clicking here.